SOLD AND SHIPPED Red Globe 236/237

Title should include: for sale, or for trade or wanted to buy. Pricing can be Buy it Now (BIN), Make Offer, or use both. Listing for 30 days or until cancelled by seller. One or more photos of each item. No Ebay Items. Caveat emptor & Caveat venditor.
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SOLD AND SHIPPED Red Globe 236/237


Post by trapper »

I've decided to pass this on. I have only used it once. It will be well packed.

Looking for $350 U.S. The coast of shipping is negotiable depending on the buyers location. Shipping is from Ontario Canada. PayPal FF please. Post them PM.
Thanks for having a look.


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Re: WTS Red Globe 236/237


Post by rob_pontius »

That's a beauty. I'd love to have that one. I'd be all over it if things weren't slowing down so bad at work.
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Re: WTS Red Globe 236/237


Post by colors »

pm sent
Dennis Peters
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