THE GALLERY - how does it work?

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Title: Coleman Helvetica (CH)

THE GALLERY - how does it work?


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In the Coleman Gallery we aim to collect only exceptional examples of Coleman GPAs. This means that the images are moderated and only the best will be let in. Therefore, as a forum member, you will notice that you cannot post directly into the gallery pages.

So how do your photos make it to the gallery?

Simple. Just post an excellent example in the regular part of the forum, e.g. Collections: Restored Pieces and Before & After Projects or Just Bull and if the items deserves to be in the gallery we’ll move it. Once a post/thread is moved it is READ ONLY and no more comments can be added. This is exactly how posts/threads make it into the Technical Assistance Archive so it’s no different. See, very simple!

Hint - in the title of your thread please include the model number, year and country as this will be a big help to us and might increase the chances of your Coleman being selected for the gallery, e.g. 236 8/47 USA
Ian - Looking for these dates 7/82, 7/92, 8/93, 9/03, 11/05, 5/17
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