Posting a picture from your PC

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Posting a picture from your PC


Post by CaptainFantastic »

In the Quick Reply below the post you want to reply to, click 'Full Editor & Preview'.
You can drag a file from the PC to the message, or you can upload a file as follows:

Scrolling past the entry box you will find two tabs. Click the 'Attachment' one.
Click the button 'Add Files' and a file explorer opens up.
Choose the files from your local PC to add them.

Max size is 228K currently (per Oct 31 2020)

IMPORTANT: after 'drag & drop' or uploading a file with 'Add Files', you must put the text cursor where you want the image to show up in the post, and then you have to click PLACE INLINE. You will see a text code for the image (not the image). If you messed up and it is not the right place, then you can either delete it and Place Inline again, or simply move the special text including the code.

If you want to check the layout before submitting, then hit the PREVIEW button.
Don't forget to hit 'Submit' when you are done.
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Reason: Updated the max image file size from 256k to 228k
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Re: Posting a picture from your PC


Post by Deanofid »

Lets see here.
(should show up after this sentence.)
Yep, seems to work.
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