Posting a picture from another site

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Posting a picture from another site


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Sometimes you don't have the picture on your PC, or you host photos on something like photbucket or flickr. In this case you are not actually posting the file to the forum, but a link to the file/image.

In the Quick Reply below the post you want to reply to, click 'Full Editor & Preview'.

The small image/photo button just above the expanded editor is what you need.
Press that, it gives you the IMG code in-line where the cursor is;

Code: Select all

In between these two "img" codes you copy/paste the FULL URL (including the http part) and it will look like this;

Code: Select all

The image will be displayed thus;


If you want to see what the result is before you post it, then hit 'Preview' button but don't forget to finally hit Submit!

IMPORTANT: if the URL does not end with a recognized image file (jpg png etc) then it probably won't work, so check that first.
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