Resizing photos - Android phone

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Resizing photos - Android phone


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If you are on Android then this photo resizer app is pretty easy and it's free. ... l=en&gl=US

(or search for 'photo resizer' in the Play Store and find the app called "Photo & Picture Resizer")

Open the app, locate the file(s) you want to resize and follow these steps:

Step 1 after you load the photo in the app you see how big it is, then you hit the 'resize' button at the bottom:
Step 2 you choose what resize you want - here I decided on 25% as an image with about 600 px wide is plenty big enough for a forum (we are not flickr):
Step 3 here you can see the result is a reduction below enough KB to upload without any problem:
Now when you create the post on your phone use the Full Editor and upload the resized attachments from the place where they got saved by the app using the instructions in this post:
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