HOW to use the Forum, for non-computer geeks :)

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HOW to use the Forum, for non-computer geeks :)


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Using the Coleman Collector's Forum
Help for folks who like lanterns more than computers...

The easiest way to see what the forum has to offer is to start clicking on
forum sections and posts. If you ever feel like you are "lost", go up near
the top of any page and click on the word "Forums" and you will be taken back
to the forum home page, where you first started. So, go look around. See what
there is to see. [smile]

If you already know what you are doing here, go ahead and do it! [smile]


The Forum Home Page

Below, you will see a partial picture of the forum Home Page. There are
a number of red numerals by certain buttons you can click on. Below the
picture are explanations on the function of these buttons.


1: The button called "Control Panel" will take you to your own member page,
where you can edit things like your signature line, update your member info
or change your email address, and things like that.

2: The "Search" button takes you to a page where you can enter words that
the forum software will try to find for you. For instance, if you want to
find other posts about milspec lanterns, click on "Search", then you would write
"milspec lanterns" in the entry box and click the button to start the search.

3: "New Posts" will show a page with all members new posts since the last
time you viewed the forum.

4: The "Private Messages" button takes you to your private messages from
other members. This is a feature that lets you carry on private correspondence
between yourself and other members of the forum.

5: "Old Coleman Parts" or as we often say, "OCP". You can click this link to
be taken to the parts sales website of our forum sponsor. If you need Coleman
parts, this is a good first place to look.


The Forum Sections

Below is a partial picture of the forum home page showing the various forum


Starting at the top, the first thing you see is "Technical Assistance". This
is the place to click on to learn about repairing lanterns and stoves, and
where you want to go when you have mechanical questions about your Coleman

The next two sections are archives of common or interesting subjects.

Moving down to "Just Bull", this is were we do our off topic chatter, jokes (keep
it clean!) show your family, talk about the weather, and whatnot. Please do not
make any political posts (in any section).

You can see the rest of the sections for yourself. Mostly self-explanatory.
Click through the various sections and have a look around. You'll figure it out.
Again, if you get "lost", scroll up near the top of any page and click "Forums".


Forum Topics

In any section you click on, you will see the various individual topics in
that section, as in the picture below. This is a small part of the "Technical
Assistance" section as an example.


Looking at the large red letters, starting with "A";

A: This last phrase in the line of words in this sub-title header tells you
that you are currently viewing the "Technical Assistance" section. If you were
viewing another section, for example, the "Classifieds" section, then it would
say "Classifieds" in the part with the red underline.

B: This one of the topics in the section. If you click on those words, it
will take you to that individual topic, and you can read that person's question,
as well as any answers other members have provided. You will also be able to
make your own reply in that topic.

C: "New Topic". If you would like to ask your own question relevant to the
section you are viewing, click the "New Topic" button, and the website will
start a brand new topic, just for you. [smile]
When you start a new topic, there is a place for a title, where you would
enter the general gist of your question in a few words. Then there is a dialog
box below that where you can ask away.


Posting a Reply, and Using Other Forum Features

Below is a picture of a few other features that show up in any of your posts, in
any thread whether it is your own topic or another member's. If you have made a post
(a reply) in any thread (topic), you will see these things in your own post(s).


1: Click this little thing if you want to quote another member's post in your reply.
It will open a reply box so you can type, and included in the box will be the quote
from that member. All posts from all members have this feature.

2: Click "Edit" to change something in one of your own posts. Each of your own
posts will show that edit button. Use that button in the post you wish to edit.
(You cannot edit another person's post, unless you are me.)

3: Use the "Delete" button to delete any particular post that you have made.
If you wish to remove a complete post you have made, as opposed to just edit
it, the Delete button will do it.
If you use it to delete the first post of a thread that you started yourself, the
whole thread will be deleted.
(You can only delete your own posts.)

4: This is the "Reply" button. There is also one at the top of each thread.
When you would like to make a comment in another member's thread, click
the Reply button and it will bring up a dialog box.

5: You can use this box to navigate to different sections of the forum without
having to go back to the forum home page.

6: This button lets you "Subscribe" or "Unsubscribe" to any thread. If you subscribe
to a thread, you will get an email from the forum software when there are new posts
in that thread. It will help you keep current with your own topics, too.


Contact Other Members

Below is a picture that shows a small drop-down box that can be seen by clicking
on the name of any member.

drop down.jpg

Look at the picture and notice the big red "X". Just below it is my forum
name, "deanofid". To see if any other member is accepting Personal Messages,
emails, or to see a list of that person's posts or threads, click on their name.
The small box will drop down.
Then you can choose any one of up to five functions;

View Member Profile: This will let you see what the member will allow you
to see, and some stats for the member. For instance, (if they permit it) their
age, the region where they live, possibly other casual info, as they allow.
It will also show forum stats, like join date, number of posts, etc.

Send Private Message: Most members allow other forum members to send them
a private message. It is like email, but within the forum software only.
No one else can see your conversation.
To receive Private Messages (PM), you must enable it in your forum profile. Your
forum profile is discussed previously in this writeup. Scroll up to review.

Send Email: Again, like a Private Message, but your message will go to the
member's regular email address. This again, must be enabled by the user.

Find Member's Topics: This will take you to a page showing links and titles to
any topics the particular member has started.

Find Member's Posts: Similar to Find Member's Topics, but this one will only
show that member's individual posts.


That's it for this help page. Main thing is to just click on things in the
forum. You won't hurt anything, and you can always go back to the Forum main page.
Have fun, make some friends, enjoy!

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