Model M (Restored)

AA/NA/A 1912-1922 U.S.
AVK 1915-1924 U.S. Kerosene
DT 1918-1922 U.S.
35 1914-1918 U.S.
M 1915-1918 U.S.
N 1916-1918 U.S.
AQ 1917-1920 U.S.
Q 1916-1917 U.S.
HQ 1924-1930 U.S. & Canada
Deluxe Parlor 1923-1927 U.S.
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Model M (Restored)


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This lamp would originally have had a nickel finish and white drape shade. It was a basket case when I got it, hence the silver paint and replacement parts. This is, however, the correct torch-lighting burner:



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