Avocado Paint for Sears

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Avocado Paint for Sears


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Hi everyone. I've been searching for information on the best match for a Sears Avocado lantern for a while now. I have seen the threads that say Rustoleum Army Green #214087, which apparently has been discontinued.

I picked up a spray can of Rustoleum #279176, which is also listed as "Army Green". It appears to be a very close if not exact match for my Sears lantern, but I am hesitant to use it until I see what others have to say about it.

Has anyone else tried this paint, and if so, did you get good results?


Mil-Spec Ops #1929

Looking for the following lanterns; 08/36; 09/29; 05/59; 05/60; 06/61; 12/65; 11/75; 11/88
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