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I've now seen a few different type mantels.
And even the ones all marked #21A are vastly different in material. Some have yellow tops, some green.
Some have fine mesh, while others are more coarse.
As mentioned earlier, I even have some made in Malta.

Is there a listing for mantels that goes by year, type, etc.?
Are some older mantels collectable from the sense you just might not want to burn them?

I hear some make comments that some mantels (older?) are better than others, especially the newer ones of today.

So can someone give me a rundown of mantels?
Are there mantels "you buy when you see them' and others that are just common nothings?
Thank you.
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Re: Mantels


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If you have time to spend perusing the forum you'll find many discussions about history of, opinion of and manufacturer of mantels. Here is one I found in Technical Archives in just a minute of searching for you.There are 54 pages in the Archives and I am trying to see if any mods are willing to catorgize them or put them in some type of index that makes it easier to find/search any topic ... I wouldn't want the job myself and I am already putting one mod in a spot by asking him to retrieve all the wonderful pictures that didn't make it over in the migration in said threads!

happy reading.... viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2842
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