How does everyone treat the fount after de-rusting

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How does everyone treat the fount after de-rusting


Post by Coast_to_Coast »

Not to beat a dead horse but..... I have had limited success keeping rust from coming back after de-rusting the inside of founts with Evaporust. I typically get the rust out as well as I can, remove the moisture with an air compressor and then add Coleman fuel. I have later had trouble with the land and emptied the founts only to find rust in the fuel. What step am I missing? Am I just not getting all of the rust out? Do any of you use a fuel tank sealer/liner besides the expensive Caswell’s? Also wondering if anyone uses these on a regular basis, as a precaution? And finally, for those of you who use vinegar, how long do you leave it in. I’m working on a Nickel US 200 that I will not be able to afford to replace.

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Re: How does everyone treat the fount after de-rusting


Post by JimL »

What are you rinsing the fount out with? I use a little DNA, shake it all around, dump it and repeat. Then with the valve and fuel cap removed, I put it in front of a fan to dry. Not a powerful fan, but just something for air circulation like an air purifier which is already running. I do not add a tank sealer. If you're going to use it, get some Coleman or Crown fuel in it as soon as you can after drying and shake it up so it coast everything inside. If I'm not going to use it anytime soon, I just seal it up, ensuring I have a good cap gasket.

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Re: How does everyone treat the fount after de-rusting


Post by zoomkat »

You might dry the tank with a hair dryer while using something to blow the moist air out of the tank. I might try using a light oil mixed in with a penetrating solvent or fuel, swish it around in the tank to coat the insides, then once again dry out the insides using a dryer. Hopefully the solvent will help the oil penetrate any surface micro pitting, then when the solvent is dried out, the oil coating will remain in the surface blemishes. Fuel would eventually wash the oil away, but might help to keep water out of the small places.
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Re: How does everyone treat the fount after de-rusting


Post by campinut »

Baking soda denutralizes the reaction..campinut
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Re: How does everyone treat the fount after de-rusting


Post by MYN927 »

For steel founts or brass founts with steel bottoms, you can actually treat it with a phosphoric acid-based product.
I'm just assuming that you're not into coating it with tank sealers and paint stuffs.
After de-rusting, the phosphoric acid would just convert the iron in the steel into iron phosphate. That'll give it a coat of non-siccative layer which, under non-severe environmental conditions, should offer a good rust preventive. That's something that you can easily execute in your backyard.
**note: this is not to be mistaken as the phosphating process which requires an industrial setup.
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Re: How does everyone treat the fount after de-rusting


Post by Dmacp »

Cost or not the Caswell treatment will seal the metal. There are other sealers too.
I've found that a small amount of evaporust residue keeps it from flash rusting.

Another trick-used for new cylinder bores-is to hit it with WD40 immediately after dumping the rinse. Then use compressed air, and WD40 again.
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Re: How does everyone treat the fount after de-rusting


Post by Deanofid »

How does everyone treat the fount after de-rusting
I treat mine very gently and with loving kindness because de-rusting can be quite traumatic for them...
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Re: How does everyone treat the fount after de-rusting


Post by brucesheehe »

If you are storing the lantern (after derusting), first dry throughly.

Then place some ATF (auto transmission fluid) in the fount to coat it. This is loaded with rust preventives and will protect the fount.

Leave the fuel cap loose - not tight.

It helps if you keep the lantern at a constant temperature and low humidity (to keep condenstion low).

For some lanterns, a public stripping of rust is very embarassing, I agree with Deano.
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