just picked up a 220f

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just picked up a 220f


Post by longibson »

found a 220F in great shape little dirty from sitting in garage. It fired right up with a new set of mantles. Only problem is the cleaning pricker leaver that sticks out only moves a little don't want to force it, figured i would let it run for a while and retry. any precautions if i need to take it lose to clean? Thanks for everyone's help I have the bug bad
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Re: just picked up a 220f


Post by zoomkat »

Cleaning levers can get stiff and hard to turn. You might keep working it some to see if it frees up. Do note that a previous owner may have had it apart in the past and not reassembled it correctly in regards to how the lever interfaces with the eccentric block. If it doesn't free up, you might remove the generator and see if the lever is moving the eccentric block as expected.
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Re: just picked up a 220f


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Heat up the lever where the packing is and spin it bunches of times. Off the lantern our course
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Re: just picked up a 220f


Post by Chucker »

What Zoom says, a PO may have taken it apart and reassembled it improperly.

It's often the eccentric that has been reinstalled incorrectly that causes what you describe.
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