Pulsing 288

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Pulsing 288


Post by Murff »

I rebuilt a 288 today and the bloody thing started the semi-usual pulsing after rebuilding one of these little beastards. So, I does a quick search on the CCF here and, after going through a few old threads, I found the easiest fix!

I can't find the thread now (CRS kicked in) but anyway, it comes down to filling the fount!!! In that thread, there was a picture of the side of a lantern box that stated, if lantern starts to pulse, it's telling you it's time to refuel.

So, I filled the fount (NO, I didn't tip it to fill it to the top. If you do that, you will have a bigger problem).

Fired her up and, no more pulse!!!

This is just an FYI to tuck in your head somewhere and try to remember!

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Re: Pulsing 288


Post by Whitegas Extraordinaire »

Thank you!

Thank you!

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Re: Pulsing 288


Post by arizonacamper »

CRS is an Affliction I've had for decades now!!
Sometimes it has served me well😎
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Re: Pulsing 288


Post by 74HARLEY »

Thanks Murff, I'll try to remember that.
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Re: Pulsing 288


Post by outlawmws »

74HARLEY wrote: Sat Apr 03, 2021 11:52 pm Thanks Murff, I'll try to remember that.
Remember what? :cf_hmmthink:
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Re: Pulsing 288


Post by salukispeed »

Off track but that Avatar you have is way too painful to watch. Yet I watched it enough times to cringe and hope it is not real. omg its terrible

On track . 288's are sweet lanterns for sure Glad it is fixed
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Re: Pulsing 288


Post by andjones »

XCRS is for those who have progresses past CRS. It has three meanings X(extreme)CRS and X(room temperature)CRS. I can't remember the third.....or was it the first.......
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