Cleaning nickel plating

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Cleaning nickel plating


Post by JD37B »

Is it safe to soak a nickel plate burner assembly in white vinegar? Have a 1933 220 and the whole assembly except maybe the mixing chamber is plated. I don't want to damage the nickel. How about Naval Jelly? Would that be safer?
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Re: Cleaning nickel plating


Post by Tgarner01 »

I use lye or oven cleaner for initial cleaning, then if needed I will soak in warm citric acid for a short time. In your vinegar I would keep a close eye on it and rinse well when done.
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Re: Cleaning nickel plating


Post by Ridge Runner »

I use oven cleaner for all that stuff too. Easy-off in the yellow can has worked well for me, most any that contain sodium hydroxide (lye) will do the job well though.

If you decide to use oven cleaner, just be careful not to get it on yourself (your skin) or in your eyes. It will also remove paint and damage decals and does not play well with aluminum.
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Re: Cleaning nickel plating


Post by Whitegas Extraordinaire »

Lye is by far the way to go with Nickel plated parts.
I started with liquid drain cleaner but that is expensive, moved to oven cleaner which I still use for founts but now I buy lye crystals. Mix it properly into hot water and let your parts soak.

You need full PPE, gloves, googles, glasses and an apron.

Never add water to powdered lye only a measured amount to water.

With strong lye citric is not needed to clean NP parts.

Again full PPE and be safe!!

Thank you!

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Re: Cleaning nickel plating


Post by rob_pontius »

I use oven cleaner as well. The cheap stuff from the dollar store works just as well as the expensive stuff.
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Re: Cleaning nickel plating


Post by ecblanks »

Oven cleaner: yes. I've seem some folks on the Facebook groups that are saying to avoid the stuff, but that has not been my experience. My understanding is that it will produce hydrogen as a byproduct when used on brass and maybe nickel, but educate yourself and take proper precautions and you should be fine.
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Re: Cleaning nickel plating


Post by holliswood »

Ditto on the oven cleaner as well! I’ll add to wear a mask at least to what others have suggested.

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