Stove 426f

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Stove 426f


Post by longibson »

Just got it slightly used. The main burner seems to be ok , but the smaller on on the left burns more orange . Should I take the rinks off and Clean them I have ran about a tank of fuel in it so far thank lon
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Re: Stove 426f


Post by TwoCanoes »

If it's burning orange, it could be dirty rings, but if it's more yellow, it's generally not the rings that are the problem, but some obstruction in the manifold tube, like spiderwebs. Sure, take the rings off and take a wire brush to them. It's easy. Just put them back on in the same order, i.e., flat/wavy/flat/wavy/flat, etc. While you have the rings off, run a brush through the manifold tubes. I use a trombone brush (compressed air won't blow out the cobwebs). Some people clean the tubes with a multi-stranded electrical wire, frayed on one end to catch the cobwebs. After running a brush through, blow out the loosened dust before reinstalling the rings.
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Re: Stove 426f


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"The main burner seems to be ok , but the smaller on on the left burns more orange ."

Sounds like something salty or similar probably was spilled on the burner in the past. I doubt that there is any air/fuel flow blockage issue as both burners probably would be having the same coloration as both burners get the same air/fuel mix.
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Re: Stove 426f


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I would try what Stewart mentioned above. If the stove was sitting for any length of time you probably have a insect nest or something in there. Its a simple procedure to do. Also remember, when you open a auxiliary burner keep good pressure in the tank. That will help too.
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