Mantle question for my 1926 327 QL

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Mantle question for my 1926 327 QL


Post by Deanofid »

Coleman 21 sized mantles for that lantern. Peerless 2C-HG if you've got them.
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Re: Mantle question for my 1926 327 QL


Post by BryanWP »

Hey @Deanofid
I'm getting ready to do a full restoration on a 22-24 327 Quick lite after I finish a few prior projects and have been searching online for videos or at least a kind of step by step instructions so I'll have a good handle on the process, along with info on what to expect such as: you need to be aware not to soak certain items due to things inside it, i.e. contains asbestos, or another material that is no longer found in the later models.
If you've already done one near to that time period, I figure you've already encountered their earlier process, etc., or can guide me to specific links that provide a guide through the process.
Any help, information, etc. that you, or others who have actually done an early restoration from that period would be greatly apprectiated.
I've quickly gained a love for this stuff, and want to see them restored to life, and useful for many more years of the sunshime of the night!
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