Quick Fuel Siphon (tip)

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Quick Fuel Siphon (tip)


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Transferring fuel is never easier. If you have several lanterns and store them dry removing ALL fuel is essential.
The procedure is to put the GPA on a 45° angle and using the curve of the hose find the corner of the fount. A quick pump will get the ball rolling. I usually MT into a glass jar so I can inspect the fuel. You say," its torch light", and I don't have an internal pump. Pull the gen on these and put your lamp pump there, open the valve and presto, reverse fuel flow. This is the trick for getting all the fuel out of BQs and Chandelier's and suchlike.
After inspecting the fuel, you'll want to use one of the 500ml fuel bottles sold for model airplane refueling. (~$3) The spout fits 242 size fuel bungs perfect and you won't over fill.
The stopper I used with the hose is found at the junkyard. It is used on the wires going to the oxygen sensor on the older cars. Or a rubber stopper is available at Truvalue, as you buy your hose. I found hose at the end of the reel there to get the tight bend.
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Quick Fuel Siphon (tip)


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Thank you Otto.

Yes, we've had variations on this over the years but it's a good one to recycle for the newbies. Easy way to get fuel out of any fount/tank.
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