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Light Output From Various Colored Globes

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:51 am
by 1hpycmpr
Here you go, Jim.
The first 4 were taken using the exact same camera settings. The last 4 were also the same except a faster speed, same for the 4 pictures, was used so the picture wouldn't overexpose. The globe sequence for both sets were clear, frosted, amber, and red. The vent was removed for all 8 pictures so I could quickly change the globes with a pair of heavy leather gloves.

Here's the test equipment.
IMG_2195 - Copy.JPG

IMG_2228 - Copy.JPG IMG_2229 - Copy.JPG IMG_2230 - Copy.JPG IMG_2231 - Copy.JPG IMG_2232 - Copy.JPG IMG_2233 - Copy.JPG IMG_2234 - Copy.JPG IMG_2235 - Copy.JPG