Slant Peculiarities

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Slant Peculiarities


Post by Otto »

I have been going through a half a dozen or so Coleman 118/L220 slants and have noticed some differences in parts. The 118 lamps I believe are early, The lanterns are 3/28 through 4/29.
I have found long tubes and short tubes that come on burners marked 5127 as well as on unmarked or marked with a single 8. Some assemblies have more nickel plating than others. I believe these are earlier. I also have a NOS burner with no marking. Neither of the lamp burners have nickel plating at all.

The little Tee shirt plate is different early from late. Early ones have full arms; late ones have one arm smaller. early is on the right

The fuel pickup tubes have differences. I believe the early tips were flat unmarked, and the later are P tips. One of the tip covers is noticeably longer than the others, with a knurled end. The NOS one is on the right with a nickel plated P tip and sporting a 220B fuel screen.
P1050172.JPG P1050173.JPG

There are differences in the vent nuts: The early ones have much deeper vertical lines. The two on the left are NOS. The earliest is on the right. The top one must have been a replacement.

And the fill caps are interesting, notice the vent hole in the wing.
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Slant Peculiarities


Post by nomis1 »

Otto, those are really interesting differences. Nice to see them all side by side. I have one fuel cap with the hole in the wing. Thanks for sharing.

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Slant Peculiarities


Post by Chucker »

This should go into the archives. Good info. Thank you.
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Slant Peculiarities


Post by dpatten »

#3 (4?) with a vent hole in the wing.

What I find interesting is that Coleman publicly blamed the failures of the Slant on the performance of the T-88 generator with poor quality gasoline when the range of design changes to the fuel pickup shows they clearly realized the orifice metered fuel system was problematic.
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Slant Peculiarities


Post by markamulvaney »

That’s great information I’m doing my first slant now. Thank you very much for sharing all that

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Slant Peculiarities


Post by offrink »

ANd the close—> on both sides of the knob
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