459 vs. 413 Generators

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459 vs. 413 Generators


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While working with the 459 stove, I became curious about the generator. The majority of the stove is the same as the 413G - in fact, the generator even uses the same gas tip & protector. However, the generator has a different part number. So I decided to compare the 459 generator to the 413 generator. It turns out that there is a difference. The 459 generator is simply a shorter version of the 413 generator. It shows in the photos below. In ALL photos, the 459 part is on top and the 413 part is on the bottom.


The 459 tube is 1/4" shorter than the 413 tube.


The springs are exactly the same.


The 459 needle is 3/16" shorter than the 413's.


So, it seems that if one had the proper equipment to thread the tube and the needle, he could make a 459 generator from the 413 generator.


P.S. - The 413 generator was provided by Dana Kennison (JustOneMore). Thank you, Dana!