How To Understand the CCF - REV. Vocabulary List

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How To Understand the CCF - REV. Vocabulary List


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A big thanks to Chris for the formatting and others who lent their input to clarify and inform all who are interested in all things Coleman.

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@#$% idiot: Previous owner who took pliers to your burner caps. You did not know this because enough mantle was left and you could not see it
AGM: American Gas Machine brand. Also, Sunflame, King-Seely, Kamplite, J.C. Higgins, later Thermos.
Alchy or Alcohol or Meths (Euro): Typically, a reference to Denatured Alcohol used to pre-heat kerosene lanterns and stoves or as a cleaning additive to some kero heaters. Some dry-gas contain primarily denatured alcohol and can be used.
Amish Mix: A blend of 70% Kero and 30% CF (or 80%-20%). You can also reverse the ratios (70% CF & 30% Kero) to run cleaner, longer, you can light it faster (No pre-heat), and increase the light output. CAUTION: An Amish mix is suggested in Coleman lantern's or those with a positive shut-off fuel valve only. Most European lanterns do not have this safety feature.
“Arc” or The Arc Dream: You will have it soon. Early Coleman lantern shaped much like a ball with a base, half glass globe, half nickel. You’ll recognize it if you EVER find one.
Barn Fresh: The condition of a GPA as found, usually after many years of storage in a barn. The barn-fresh finish usually consists of many layers of spider webs, dust, and pigeon poop. Not to be confused with Patina or Beater, though a Barn Fresh find may later prove to be a Beater.
BB: Black band which refers to the color of the collar.
BB Dance: Procedure when using a liquid with steel BB’s, or washers inside a fount to break up rust/debris.
Beater: An unattractive but functional lantern. Finish often consists of flaking paint, surface rust, dents, dings and speckles of white house paint. Sometimes considered an extreme case of Patina. Considered by some to be an example of a poor or incomplete fettle.
Big Hat: Usually a Coleman 228/227 lantern but can be used to describe any lantern with a larger vent.
Black Hole: Where the gen tip, pump cap screws or valve wheel screw you just dropped got to. These mini-black holes seem to connect to an alternate universe, where small parts happily live out the remainder of eternity.
Brassie: Usually a European-made brass single-burner pressure camping or backpacking stove. Often use Kero but sometimes CF. Common brands are Svea, Primus, Optimus, etc.
Bump: What someone does to their classified ad on the CCF to move it back to the top of the category to get more attention.
Buna Nitrile material. Heat, oil and gas resistant. Often used to create custom gaskets or PIPs.
Burg: Burgundy color 200A lantern.
CF: Coleman Fuel or other Camp Fuel. Also known as naphtha (naf-tha).
Cherry: Deeper red but not burgundy 200A lantern (will almost match the decal).
CI: Cast iron what you will also start to carry home after going to all those flea markets.
Citric (Also Citric Acid): Can be found in unsweetened Kool Aid packets and in bulk. Great for removing rust fast however may promote flash rust at times.
CV: Check Valve
CV Tool: A special tool that to remove the CV from the bottom of the pump tube. It costs a bit but is worth every penny as long as it works.
Desirable: Used to describe GPAs that members should hunt for. Though “one man’s trash is another man’s Treasure”.
DNA: Denatured alcohol.
Electrocuted or Electromutated: Converting a classic lamp/lantern to electric. A horrible, horrible thing to do to a classic GPA. An ‘electrocuted’ lantern for instance that DOES NOT impair the integrity and original function may be permissible.
Electrolysis: Method of removing rust and other crud from metal using electricity.
F & F: Friends and family. Usually used to indicate seller would like buyer to use "friends and family" option on PayPal.
FA or F/A: Fuel/Air tube.
Fettle (Also fettling): Older northern English term to trim, clean, or otherwise work on something (a GPA).
FFR or FFR'd or FFRing: Full Frank (Bebb) Rebuild. You are spending too much time on your hobby. These must be snuck in when the wife is not home.
Flooded: Means you gave it too much gas and now you have a huge fireball. This is normal. You are not a true lantern collector until you create a fireball.
Fount: A container that supports the rest of the lantern (in conventional lanterns) and holds fuel. A font is what you are looking at right now and you would know this if you ever took typing in high school (keyboarding). Pica, elite, etc. Some people pronounce it “phownt”, but some say “phont”.
Frame: AKA Cage, burner cage, burner frame.
Frame Rest: AKA Collar, May have make, model and/or instructions written on it...or not. Sits on the fount under the frame.
Frankenstein or Frankenlantern or Frankie: A lantern typically made from parts of various lanterns. Folks here are very creative when it comes to building Frankies.
Generator: North American description of a vaporizer. Also referred to simply as "genny".
Goose: To use a wire wheel to completely strip nickel plating from brass parts. A hanging offense. May also be used as Goosed, eg: That would be nice if it hadn't been “Goosed”.
GPA: Gas Pressure Appliance
IDITO: Poster who calls someone out - often with name calling and negativity, who can't spell.
Inverted: An unconventional lantern with the fuel tank on top and the mantle with globe at the bottom. Made by a few companies but primarily AGM/Kamplite/Thermos.
Kero (Kerosene or paraffin-Euro): Typically found at the pump as clear/low Sulphur, dyed, or very refined for sale in stores. Not to include jet fuels that are versions of kerosene.
Keroversion or Kerofication: A lantern manufactured to burn Coleman Fuel (CF) that has been converted to burn kerosene usually by swapping out a generator tip for one orifice size smaller and adding a pre-heat cup.
Lamp Loon: A member who has a ‘lot’ of lamps in their collection. The quantity is yet to be determined on when you are considered a “Lamp Loon”. More than 8, 12, 20, 30??
Lantern Loon: Same as Lamp Loon (Seen above).
LSHISM: Laughed So Hard I Soiled Myself.
Maroon: The 200A color right after the Burgundy and before the Cherry. Typically second half of 1962.
MIC: Made in China. Generally associated with inferior quality.
Milspec: Anything made to military specifications but here it's typically a lantern or stove.
Mod: Short for "moderator" or moderator's of this forum.
Money Shot: A lantern or stove running (I claim this one).
Mother’s: Also, "Mother's Mag Polish". A product that removes tarnish on nickel founts and shines them up.
Never Fired (or Unfired): A GPA that appears to never have been used or 'fired'.
NIB: New In Box. Unopened, Sealed.
NOS: trong> New Old Stock. Stock that is still in it's original packaging that has sit for quite a few years.
Nozzle: SLANG for burner cap (see European GPA slang) or generator nozzle, AKA Jet, AKA generator tip AKA that part you make sure not to drop because it defies the laws of physics and will run all the way across your floor, or into another dimension, or into the smallest possible space that it would never get into if you dropped it 1,000,000,000,000 more times.
NRV: Non-Return Valve. Similar to check valve, but with a spring and/or flexible pip seal.
OCP: Old Coleman Parts website source for GPA parts. He is the host of the forum that sells NOS and sometimes used parts to us addicted fettlers.

OP: Original Post or Original Poster
OS moment: The split second you realize that you should have reconsidered your previous action and you verbally proclaim...<Oh, blank>
Over-powered, Over-flaming, or “Ghost Flames”: When the flame extends outside of the mantels.
PB: Photobucket. A finicky and unpredictable web-hosting site for pictures.
Patina: The surface condition of a lantern or stove that naturally occurred over time.
PICKER: An individual designated by a collector to aggressively search for GPAs while collector sits home drinking beer.
Pinkie: Salmon and white 1960 Kamplite brand lantern and stoves.or other brand product.
PIP: The cork or rubber seal in an NRV.
Pliers: The tool most hated by Lantern collectors. Used on burner caps, vent stud nuts, and fuel caps to destroy them, usually.
PO: Previous owner. Also can be used to express your feelings of being pissed off.
POS and SOB: Both well documented elsewhere.
Profane: Propane appliances and their fuel. It is often teased about on the forum.
PW: Prentiss-Wabers (or Preway) brand. Shares globes and usually generators with Coleman’s. Heavy built.
“Quote” aka “Estimates”: Totally frowned upon here at the forum. See desirable above.
RUG: Regular Unleaded Gasoline
SC or stress cracked (refer to "AGM" above): Typically seen as vertical cracks at the bottom rim of a brass fount and extending up.
SEAFOAM: That light color green peculiar to mostly Canadian Coleman lanterns from the 40’s.
Shelf Queen: A GPA that's just too nice for every-day use and/or is unrepairable by owner; so it is put on display. Especially if it's unfired.
Stovie: A member who’s primary collection consists of stoves of all types (single/dual/tri burners, CF and/or Profane).
Stress Crack: See American Gas Machine
TRANNY: A transitional lantern from one series to another. Most infamously, 220E to 220F. Parts from both series.
TURD: Slang for a 275 lantern was called that by Murff, because he was unable to get one to run right. Though the color doesn’t hurt in the description.
User: A lantern or stove that will be used on a regular basis. The opposite of Shelf Queen.
Vaporizer: European description of a generator and some milspec stove gens.
Vinegar: Your best friend when doing a FFR and removing rust. Much like Citric but slower acting.
Viton: Also used for custom gaskets and PIPS. Also heat, oil and gas resistant. Takes higher temps than BunaN but is often a harder material.
White Gas: Un-doped gasoline or camp fuel, various brands. Naphtha based. (See CF as similar)
Wickie: A non-pressurized kerosene lantern.
Wire wheel: The tool you will use once on brass....and regret it. The only thing that works on Sea Salt Rust and lawn mower blades.
You Suck!!: A term of affection, not of derision here. Expresses our jealousy, but, are happy that another collector got it instead of those Steampunk types.
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How To Understand the CCF - REV. Vocabulary List


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Thanks for doing this everyone.