How To Replicate A Model 1 or 2 Stove Grate

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How To Replicate A Model 1 or 2 Stove Grate


Post by Murff »

This information was contributed by Joe Pagan:

First of all, pictures are shown in the vertical fully open and partially pivoted. In the first photo,
there are (4) vertical bars, one piece and all measure 4" long, 3/8" wide and are 1/16" thick.
They appear to have been plated. On the horizontal pieces, there are two and those are
pivoted. Overall length, when riveted together are 11 7/8" long but individually, are two different
lengths, which overlap.

In the first photo, left horizontal piece is straight, measuring 6 5/8" long, width and thickness
the same as the vertical ones. Right horizontal piece is 6" long total but when you do the
bends, it is as follows: the overlapped piece in the center is 1 3/4" flat run, upwards 45 degree
bend is 1/8" long, then flattens out to 4" long. On the far right of that piece, another 45 degree
bend upwards measuring 3/8" long. There is a notch in it to prevent the end from going through
all the way into the oven wall slot. All ends are slightly radiused.

Now, rivets are placed as follows, starting with the vertical bars again. They are placed 2 1/2"
from each end. On the horizontal pivoted bars, there are two sets of measurements. Beginning
with the left flat run, seen in the first photo, rivets are placed 2 3/8" from the far left end and
where it is pivoted with the right bar, 1 3/4" from right end.

On the right hand horizontal bar with the different bends, rivet is placed 2" from the very far
right end where it is bent upwards and from the overlapped pivoted end, 1 7/8" from the left

I know this sounds very confusing and probably intimidating to do but if you had the actual rack
in front of you, it really isn't as difficult as one would think. Making the small 3/8" bend and the
notch will prove to be the most difficult to duplicate unless you had a metal brake and finding
alternatives to the actual rivets, meaning small screws and nuts but it can be done. They do
sell plated steel stock, along with unplated ones.

Joe Pagan
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How To Replicate A Model 1 or 2 Stove Grate


Post by Joe_P »

Murff and the rest of the gang out there in BBS land. After reading the description, I gave the wrong length for the vertical bars. I believe it should have read 14" long, not 4". I no longer have the stove or oven rack to re-confirm but if anyone out there has one and can re-check the length of the 4 flat bars and correct me, I would appreciate it. Sorry for the confusion there. Everything else is correct.