How to post pictures in three ways on this Forum

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How to post pictures in three ways on this Forum


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First: is the url way:

First step for pic posting:

Step for all pic posting Two:

step three for all pic posting:

Here's where things get different:
For posting a url: Some browsers will do the link automatically, some will not for those that don't:

followed by higlighting the string:

Then pressing the link button (where the mouse cursor is):

Paste you url inside and click OK. The results are at the top of the page:

Now. For the second way. type something and repeat the first steps of grabbing the url (First three pics.) Then:

Then press the link button (yes I'm reusing pics):

You should end up with this: Pic1

Now for the third way posting pics so one does not have to either open another tab/ window or leave the Forum
Repeat the first three pics then press this button:

this box will appear:
Click OK and your result is all of the pics on this page.. Hope this helps new people and is understandable....

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How to post pictures in three ways on this Forum


Post by nevada_ed »

The CCF does not host pictures, they must be parked somewhere like Photobucket or Flicker and linked, this saves us a lot of bandwidth. Thanks, Ed


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