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How to pack a lantern for shipping

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:15 am
by Murff
Step 1. Diasassemble the the lantern by removing the vent, the globe and the bail handle, if removable. Be sure the fount is emptied of all fuel. Put the ball nut back on the ball nut stud.

Step 2. Wrap the globe in 3/4 or 1 inch sized bubble wrap. Put the globe in a coffee can with the lid on it. Tape the lid to the can. If you do not have a coffee can, a small box can be used. It is best if the box is sized so the globe does not move in the box.

Step 3. Bubble wrap the fount. If you have about a 14 by 14 inch square of bubble wrap, you can wrap the fount in a "diamond shape". That way you will have enough wrap to pull the corner over the top of the ball nut and across the bottom of the fount. Tape the bubble wrap. Then place the fount in a plastic bag (like a bread bag), if available.

Step 4. Wrap the vent in bubble wrap as well as the bail handle. If you have enough bubble wrap, line the walls of the carton with it. Put all of the items in a strong carton. If possible, put the vent near the top of the fount to keep the ball nut from poking a hole in the box.

Step 5. Now pack air pillows or styrofoam packing peanuts in all of the voids between all of the items in the box. This will keep all of the parts tight in the packing material to minimize the chance of anything breaking.

I have shipped over 500 lanterns all over the world and haven't had to replace a globe, yet.

My thanks to Will Bresina who taught me the packing of a globe in a coffeee can!