288/285 Spark igniter instalation

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288/285 Spark igniter instalation


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Spark igniters may not always be the best way to light a lantern, in perfect conditions a match or lighter is probably better. However, in windy and rainy conditions they are a very useful and convenient option to light a lantern, but they can' t be used if they are not installed.

Spark igniters work best if they can be struck close to the mantles. On large frame lanterns like 220/228's the spark is far away from the mantles and therefore can cause quite a bad pop when it ignites. On small frame lanterns like the 200 and 242 the igniter can be attached with bracket by the center nut be inserted close to the mantle and therefore work very well.

Coleman discontinued the 288 in 2011 after more than 25 years, the 285 is still produced but called the Premium Dual Fuel lantern. This lantern is quite common and available almost everywhere even at Wal-Mart. The only difference in the 288/285 besides color is the generator and valve b/c the 285 is designed to accept RUG with out voiding the factory warranty.

The match holes go straight up on these, not angled like a 220, and there is no center nut as on a 200, so a spark igniters can not be properly installed on a 288/285 lantern with out drilling a hole. This procedure will probably void your 5 year manufacture's warranty.

The 288 on the left already has the igniter installed, the 285 on the right will get one installed during this demonstration. The igniter extends though the rear match hole and the flint magazine is tucked behind the air tube.

Here is a close up of the one on the 288. This is how we will put it on the 285.

Notice how it can be pushed right up to the mantle to light, and retracted after ignition.

Step 1: Let's begin by removing the vent and globe from the lantern. you will probably break the mantles during this procedure so you may want to take the old pair of mantles off, too. I tried to leave them on but they broke anyway. After removing the globe, loosen the retaining nut located right under the generator jam nut with a 7/16" wrench.

Step 2: Once the nut is loose, remove the "U" clip and lift the burner assembly over the generator and off the frame rest.

Step 3: Then lift the frame rest off the lantern collar and over the generator. Notice the square hole just to the left of the valve and next to the air tube hole. That hole is there b/c Coleman uses the same part for the single mantle 282/and 286 lanterns which are still produced for foreign markets. The hole serves as a valve hole on those single mantle versions. But it is a good thing it is there b/c it allows us to install the spark igniter.

Step 4: Off the lantern, hold the burner assembly and frame rest together, and turn it over so you can see the bottom.

Step 5: Take a pencil or Sharpie, as I did, and mark a dot in the center of the square hole.

Step 6: Take the burner assembly and put it in a vice and drill a small pilot hole where the dot that you marked is.

Step 7: Attach the spark igniter bracket to the burner frame, though the pilot hole, using a sheet metal screw with large wide head, or a use standard sheet metal screw and a large flat washer as I did. The screw will protrude a little through the square hole in the frame rest. Position the flint magazine behind the air tube and away from area where the globe will be.

Step 8: Reassemble the lantern with the igniter extending though the rear match hole in the burner frame. You may need to bend the bracket a little to make it fit right and so that the igniter can be inserted and retracted easily.

Step 9: Then tie on and pre-burn mantles, re install globe and ventilator. To light push up the igniter, open valve and strike the igniter by spinning it quickly.

Hope this helps :

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