How to post photos from Photobucket

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How to post photos from Photobucket


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I am revising the PhotoBucket tutorial now that the "New" Photobucket is the only version available.

Read through the whole pile, because further down there is a way to make it simpler once you've got the hang of it. It's pretty windy, but I hope that it is somewhat comprehensive, at least for the basics. Some of you may want to just skip down to the section headed "REALLY USEFUL INFORMATION!!" and do it that way right away.

I'll leave it up to you to figure out how to start up a Photobucket account. If you made your way here, you can do it there too. (I use a Mac, so your backgrounds and possibly some details unknown to me may be slightly different.)

I size my photos to around 130kb or so, which is approximately 600 wide x 450 high, so that they don't take too long to load. You can probably get Photobucket to resize your photos, but I prefer to do it before uploading. In the Mac, Preview is the program I use to resize photos, if you have a PC, you're on your own - ask one of your kids to do it for you?

I will highlight a few different methods of posting photos from Photobucket, you can choose what works for you.

A tip: Photobucket doesn't seem to like long file names or those with punctuation marks, and won't always upload them. If you can't upload a photo, it could be that, or it could be that PB is feeling pissy at the moment. You can either try again later, or eliminate anything non-alphanumeric from your file name.

Once you've opened your PB account and uploaded your photos, you're ready to post. Uploading can be done by dragging a photo (or selection of photos) into the window, or by selecting "Browse File".

Be sure to select the album you'd like it to go to if you have more than one album. I keep forgetting to do that and end up having to move the photos after they're uploaded:

Once you have uploaded your photos and labeled them (if you want), with one browser window open to the CCF and once opened on Photobucket, go to the PB window, find the photo you want to post on the CCF, put your cursor over the photo and a gear-shaped symbol will appear in the top right corner, then your choices will appear in a pop-up window:

Select "Get Links..." and this box will appear on your darkened screen (you may have more choices than shown here, like "email" and others until you make some optional changes shown below under "REALLY USEFUL INFORMATION!!"):

(Notice the "Copying lots of links? Turn on Easy Linking"? That will be useful later.)

Direct Link:

I usually select "Direct Link" because it puts the photo into your CCF comment window, not a bunch of html gibberish, making editing your post easier. Other methods will be addressed below.

When you select "Direct Link", the box will turn yellow and say "Copied":

(Actually, that's the wrong photo, you won't see the picture, but it's the right idea.)

Then, back on the CCF page, you've already begun a new topic, or you are ready to reply to a post. Select the icon with the tree:

This opens a box that says "Please enter the URL of your image". You then paste the URL onto the line as shown:

Click OK, and you're in business! Little gnomes will shove your photo into the CCF reply window and scurry back into your computer through the aether and wait for your next command. Leave a few donut crumbs and spill a little coffee on your keyboard to keep them happy!

Using IMG Code:

Another, easier way to do this (thanks to bing and magikbus), is to just select "IMG Code" instead of "Direct link". That can then be pasted directly into the reply window without clicking on the Tree icon. However, the actual photo won't show up until you either preview your post, or actually post it. All you will get to see in the Reply box is the URL of your photo surrounded by

It worked! What I could see when I pasted the IMG thumb data was a bunch of html gibberish, but a clickable thumbnail photo appeared when I posted. Be aware, that your Photobucket account needs to be public for this to work, and that your clickable photo will lead strangers to your PB account, where they will browse until they find the photos of you and your shaved cat, and who knows where that could go...

Selecting multiple photos:

In order to select multiple photos to paste all at once, rather than one at a time, it gets slightly more complicated. Click on the blue text that says "Organize". This will allow you to see your whole album much more quickly than you would in the usual setting, which is nice if you have a slow connection like me.

[IMG]" alt="" />

You can then select multiple photos at once, like the two at the top that are highlighted:

Then go down to "Link" at the bottom of the above picture, and a box will open up in your Photobucket screen:

Choose the one you want - "IMG Codes" or "IMG Thumb code" ("Direct Link" doesn't seem to work with the CCF for posting multiple photos at once), and it will copy them for you. You can then paste this directly into your CCF post reply window, but it will show up as the gibberish, not an actual photo. Put a couple of spaces between your photos so we don't have to sidescroll back and forth to read the text.

You should seriously think about keeping a separate album for your CCF photos, and not have all of your personal photos on that same album. If you let people into your album, they will snoop around. Once your phot
os get posted on the internet, they belong to the world! You may find your photo of you and your cat in some PhotoShop contest and become famous - or infamous.


To change your settings to make it easier to do all of this, go to your username at the upper right and click on it:

Select “User settings” and you will get this screen:

Choose the albums heading, and check the box labeled “Easy Linking Mode”. You can select or deselect the boxes above that, I would recommend only selecting a few, otherwise your album photos will take up way too much space. I really only use “Direct Link”, but occasionally I use the other two I have chosen - “IMG Code” and “IMG Thumb”. Here’s what your album page now looks like:

(Notice the three lines below each photo - if you don't unselect some of the "Links Options" as mentioned above, there will be six lines below each photo!)

You can now find a photo, and click on any of the choices you have selected and manually copy the link (it isn't automatic anymore). Then paste back in the CCF “Post Reply” window (as detailed above) and you’re off and running.

Here’s a key to the different code formats: [from Photobucket's tutorial pages]

Email & IM: Use this to share your content via email or IM. Users can click the link or copy and paste it to a browser to view the image on

Direct link: This is the actual web location where the image lives. Use it if you're on a site that asks you to insert an image from a web URL. You can also use it to create linked text.

*** Note! If a forum or blog asks you to use a direct link to embed your photo, the photo may or may not display at full size, depending on the forum and its posting guidelines. Some forums resize images automatically! ***

HTML code: Great for embedding a photo or video on websites like MySpace, Hi5, Blogger, eBay, Craigslist and more! Your media will display at full size on the page you create.

HTML thumb: Use this to embed a thumbnail version of your photo (160 x 120 pixels) instead of at full size.

IMG code: Use this to embed your photo or video on bulletin boards and forums that do not allow you to input HTML coding. Your media will display at full size on the page you create.

IMG thumb: Just like the IMG code, except a thumbnail version of your photo (160 x 120 pixels) will appear on the page.

Getting the code:
The link codes appear on the right side of your screen. Left-click on a code to copy it, then paste it into your forum or website source code.

You can select whichever of these greases your pan. I usually choose "Direct Link" because it puts the photo right into the CCF post window so I can see it as I type instead of putting a gob of code where the picture will appear. Some CCF'rs are annoyed by the extra time it takes to select that, then click on the "tree" icon and insert the photo, so they use the IMG code link.

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