How To Date Coolers & Jugs

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How To Date Coolers & Jugs


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I found an old post by Cheyenne Cobb from an old BBS archive post from 2004:

"A Cooler or Chest stamped 6 43 is indeed not a June 1943....but...a March 1964 (6 43) production!

"It took me about 7 months to research this and then have it verified via some Sr. Collectors/Older Factory Employees {Coleman}!

"An example for see a lot of Diamond Logo Series on the eBay stage...where the sellers are calling this or that a 30's - 40's Coleman product.......Wrong!

"We know that the Diamond logo series from records to be a 60's production....Right?

"I have a few Diamond Logo items (Chest/Coolers/Lantern Cases) and others {Later Productions} & the date stamping is as follows:
2 gal. Jug - 6 35
1 gal. Jug - 6 48
Chest Cooler - 6 23
200 Lantern Case - 6 26
NIB 1 gal Jug from 70's {Canada} - 7 88
Near-Mint 1 gal. Jug 70's {US} - 2 78

"So to date these items above, so that everyone could understand the dating system...they would read as so:
2 gal Jug = May 63
1 gal Jug = August 64
Chest Cooler = March 62
Lantern Case = June 62
NIB 1 gal. Jug {Canada}= August 78
Near-Mint 1 gal. Jug {US} = Feb. 78

"There you are! But then there's the Sno-Lite series (70's).....but that's another story! LOL!"

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