Amazing restoration story

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Amazing restoration story


Post by Dubblbubbl »

While camping last week on lake Hartwell, we had a new to me friend and his wife out for dinner one night. He noticed that I had a 228e on the lantern hanger and told a story of a night crappie fishing trip with his dad and brother when he was young. His dad hooked something heavy that wasn’t putting up much of a fight and thought it was a catfish. Turned out to be a 228e with the globe intact that was snagged in a slot in the collar, just like the one I had. They got this old muddy lantern cleaned up and running and he still has it in his barn.

I’ve seen a plenty of rusty restos on here, but this is the first underwater rescue I’ve heard of. Anyone else have a rescued from the deep story?
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by JimL »

That would be one to see the before and after pics!

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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by Kgam1020 »

Wow that’s crazy! Wouldn’t expect to pull a lantern out of the water.
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by Ridge Runner »

That’s pretty good! If I found a lantern in the water I would have to get it running. It would be a mission!

I forget the fella’s handle, but he was here a year or so back. He pulled a Coleman LP-something lantern from the water. Ended up getting it running, too. I realize this contributes basically nothing to this thread...🙃
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by Gunhippie »

My father used to send us kids diving around the docks in the San Juan Islands looking for outboard motors. It's amazing how many motors get dropped when loading them from the dock to the boat or vice-versa. It's also amazing how many of those motors my father restored to good running condition and sold! He kept the crappiest for our use.
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by firetop »

A buddy and me were night fishing for crappie once hanging a few lanterns from over hanging branches to attract minnows. There was a big hump in middle of lake that sloped down to deep water pretty quick so I took one of my lantern poles there 10' tall and stuck it in the middle of hump. We would go from one spot to the next fish for 15 minutes or so then move on. On about the second time around the one on the hump was not burning when we got there it was gone pole and all. All we can think of waves knocked it over and it sunk,because no one else was on lake that night. Went back and drug a magnet never could find it. So if someone ever catches a 200 A on Glen Shoals Lake in southern IL. your welcome.
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by Flyboyfwa »

There was a Coleman advert like that.
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by 74HARLEY »

Cool ad Andy!
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by gootsch »

I know of a brand new one that got tossed into Alagash Lake in Northern Maine years ago. A short temper and alcohol were involved I imagine knowing the crew. As to it's disposition I don't rickly remember.
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by kiwi »

I am fairly sure that members here have stories of pulling lanterns from the depths, some of them still burning.

Never had that luck myself, not sure of what bait to use.
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Post by Stovie »

How well do they work in the rain, or high winds? I know they are "supposed" to, but I haven't tried it.
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by Rustytank »

Have a fount from a lantern the previous owner found in a lake. It hasn't been under water long enough to affect the cage and burner assembly but the po brought it home and hung it in his shed without disassembling anything and it sat with the pump assembly full of water for a long time. I used the top half to complete a bday lantern for a friend and forgot about the old fount. I'm going to see if it holds pressure with an Amish filler cap. If it does I may clean the pump housing our and see if it's serviceable.
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by ecblanks »

I picked up an Optimus 00 (kero) from and antiques store on the coast a few weekends back. Brass oxidization was so bad it was white and green all over. I swear somebody found it on a deserted beach or an oysterman dug it out of the sound. There was stinky mud in the leg holes. The legs had apparently rusted away a long time ago. Miraculously, the only other steel on this, the pump shaft, was badly pitted but serviceable.
I've got it mostly cleaned up and running.
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by kellyblues »

Great story!

Actually I do have one. I shared it here probably 10 years ago. It's also the point when I first looked at a lantern as something really cool. This happened around 1976-77 when I was 7ish. We were in our boat catfishing at night near the damn on Lake-o-the-pines in east Texas. Daddy had two lanterns tied to the rope cleats one each end of the boat and hanging over the water. I'm sure you see where this is going. Well I was a kid, wasn't getting any bites though we had only been out for probably less than 15 minutes. So I get to messing with the rope holding the lantern at the rear of the boat and then the unthinkable happens. (My heart starts beating faster to this day when I think about this lol) Yep , the rope got away from me and in the water went the 220f. I whipped my head towards daddy at the front of the boat...he didn't need to ask or even turn around, he knew what just happened and who did it. I seen him shaking his head as he let out a big sigh...He tied a treble hook on a line with a weight and snagged it in the air hole of the pump of all places. My oldest brother was just talking about this the other day as one of those things he would have a hard to believing if he hadn't been there to see it. Daddy put two new mantles on it and it fired right up. I remember thinking, anything that can go to the bottom of the lake, come back up and still works is pretty cool. The next week is when I got my first education on how to maintain a lantern, been hooked on em since pretty much. And I still have that lantern.
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Re: Amazing restoration story


Post by trapper »

Flyboyfwa wrote: Wed Apr 21, 2021 12:48 am There was a Coleman advert like that.
I remember that add and the commercial with the guy reeling up the lantern and saying there was a crab living in it.
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