What’s going on with this iron?

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What’s going on with this iron?


Post by zztop11 »

Picked this up today. Box marked “Model No. 12” but iron is marked “Model 4A”. Weee these ever switched? I can’t imagine someone buying two of these and putting them in the wrong box. Any ideas?

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Re: What’s going on with this iron?


Post by 10gage »

My model 4 came in a 4a box. The only difference between the two models is the lighting hole is on the opposite side
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Re: What’s going on with this iron?


Post by Mister_Wilson »

Looks like that’s what they did, put a 4A in a #12 box.
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Re: What’s going on with this iron?


Post by Gasman64 »

Anything could have happened in the decades since that was new...it wasn't a sealed box with a NOS iron, was it?
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Re: What’s going on with this iron?


Post by JimL »

I have a 'Good Value' iron, but no other similar irons to compare against. Wasn't the 'Good Value' iron a cheaper model?

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Re: What’s going on with this iron?


Post by Scouterjan »

10 Guage, no not the same. Good Value was an economy model and the body was just plain, not enameled

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