L427 A special birthday lantern

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L427 A special birthday lantern


Post by TwoCanoes »

I posted photos and asked some questions about this lantern a little while back (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=32334). As I noted then, some time after buying this lantern, I realized it was my mother's birthday lantern - July, 1925 (she died nearly 20 years ago). Larry pointed out an interesting note about the lantern which was that the original burner had been changed out for an earlier one. I don't know what the patent date on the original air tube might have been, but the patent date on the lantern's current air tube is 1919, which is the year my dad was born (he died nearly 40 years ago). So, this lantern is a nice marriage of birthday lanterns for both my parents - at least that's how I'm viewing it. Got it running this evening. The original mica chimney needs a lot of work, so I put a replacement globe on just for this initial light-up. I hope to have it polished, looking good and running well in time for my mother's birthday next week.


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Re: L427 A special birthday lantern


Post by Rustytank »

Heck yea! Nice to see it run 👍
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Re: L427 A special birthday lantern


Post by Barrett »

That's a special keeper!
Burn it bright for your parents next week, and any other time that pleases you.

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Re: L427 A special birthday lantern


Post by Tgarner01 »

Careful... Those Quicklites tend to congregate in large groups...

Well done on the light-up!!
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Re: L427 A special birthday lantern


Post by Kgam1020 »

Now that's awesome!
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Re: L427 A special birthday lantern


Post by Huntaholic »

NICE! Any way we can pay homage to our ancestors is a good thing! Id leave that lantern just as it is!
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