Feuerhand 280

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Feuerhand 280


Post by Steve66 »

I had a lonesome Dietz globe without a home and came across this forlorn Feuerhand without a globe. It's well used but for $20 I couldn't pass it up. Added a wick and some fuel and it's fine.This makes my 15th Feuerhand. My favorite wicki.
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Re: Feuerhand 280


Post by 74HARLEY »

Looking good Steve!
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Re: Feuerhand 280


Post by Ridge Runner »

Very nice! I am still lacking a Feuerhand in my wickie crew.
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Re: Feuerhand 280


Post by critmass_34 »

Nice score.
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Re: Feuerhand 280


Post by Stone_Blue »

So **THATS** what they are supposed to look like! :P
Very nice!

Mine is... uh... **rough**, to say the least... LOL
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Re: Feuerhand 280


Post by Old Cat »

Steve, I like your 280; it’s a survivor. I have a Baby Feuerhand and a Dietz Monarch. I use the Feuerhand the most.

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Re: Feuerhand 280


Post by Kgam1020 »

Nice lantern!
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