A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

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A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall


Post by grob »

Raining steel in Broom-Field Colorado yesterday. I say boy, sweeping up debris that is. Finally that town is aptly named.


A good friend of mine was a Captain on a 737 and I got to fly a 737 simulator at the United training center in Denver once. I flew it under the Oakland Bay Bridge! I just flew it like a Cessna like my Dad taught me.

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Re: A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall


Post by Kgam1020 »

Wow that’s crazy!
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Re: A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall


Post by rob_pontius »

I'm glad that nobody was hurt or killed, in the plane or on the ground.
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Re: A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall


Post by Bumpkin_95 »

It doesn’t happen every day but more than you might think. I seen it happen twice when in the USAF. One of our F15e lost a wing tip. Later found by a farmer in his field. Then a C5 galaxy I was riding on lost some engine cowling over the ocean. You kinda gain some respect for how tuff aircraft are with some things I have seen. Definitely seen some messed up stuff fly back. This is not to scare people. It gives me peace of mind knowing this when I fly now.
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Re: A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall


Post by UncleFred »

The biggest mess I saw in the nearly 7 years I was in charge of the accounting and billing for a jet engine overhaul and repair shop was two engines that had ingested a flock of geese. However, the most damage to engines that came through the shop was a pair that flew through the ashes from the Mount St. Helens eruption in 1980.
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