Local auction house

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Local auction house


Post by johneliot »

We have a local auction house here and sometimes you can get good deals. I was able to get this 242b for only $22. I did have to replace the generator, packing and cap gasket all of which I had. Not an original globe though. Runs great.
This next lantern is a propane Trailblazer. I could care less about the lantern but I saw the pack of silklites and the globe. The globe looks like a sears tapered. It's 5 3/4 across the top and 4 1/2 across the bottom and say Pyrex in red. That was a whopping $2.
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Re: Local auction house


Post by kellyblues »

That's sweet! And a great price!
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Re: Local auction house


Post by Leviticus_Tomethreus »

Great shape lanterns and for a steal!
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Re: Local auction house


Post by grob »

John, real nice 242B and can't beat the price. I just got a 242C for 3 times the price, but has an original straight line globe.
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Re: Local auction house


Post by outlawmws »

Steal of a deal on the 242, and a free profane with the mantles!
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Re: Local auction house


Post by Kgam1020 »

Nice John! That 242b is in great shape!
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Re: Local auction house


Post by Mlkimmel92 »

The Trailblazer, I believe, was made by the Turner Company. I have my Dad's old one; also found a Trailblazer globe to go with it. Nice old propane model.
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Re: Local auction house


Post by Up to Light »

Very nice!
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Re: Local auction house


Post by sourgasjohn »

I just sold a frosted middle section globe for around 50 bucks. That's a great deal.
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