OT- Johnny Crawford

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OT- Johnny Crawford


Post by Sierra_Roadrunner »

Johnny Crawford has passed on. Perhaps better known as Mark McCain, son of Lucas McCain, on The Rifleman TV series from the 50s-60s has gone on to the Big Round Up in the Sky. Thanks for the memories - Rest in Peace Johnny.
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Re: OT- Johnny Crawford


Post by Deanofid »

Always liked that guy, and when we were little, (back when The Rifleman was a new show) my two sisters just adored him.
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Re: OT- Johnny Crawford


Post by JimL »

Sad news. I tend to watch a few episodes of the Rifleman every day since there a 24-hour per day streaming channel on Pluto dedicated to The Rifleman episodes.

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Re: OT- Johnny Crawford


Post by dugan1 »

The Rifleman is probably my favorite western series, and I sure hate this news. Mark McCain was a boy of envy for a lot of youngsters through the years I'm sure. A boy, in the west, with a hero dad, and not to be morbid, but no mother to have him wash behind his ears! RIP Johnny.
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Re: OT- Johnny Crawford


Post by Mister_Wilson »

Sad news. The Rifleman was my favorite show at the time. It was a good time to be a kid.
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Re: OT- Johnny Crawford


Post by williamlee111 »

I never missed an episode. RIP :-(
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Re: OT- Johnny Crawford


Post by Hot_Diggity »

I remember the child actor, but also the orchestra leader. RIP Johnny.


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Re: OT- Johnny Crawford


Post by BSAGuy »

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