Tracking a shipment-confusion ( mild rant)

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Tracking a shipment-confusion ( mild rant)


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So I ordered a few items form a UK seller, not GPA related. First 2 orders came promptly but 3rd one is nowhere to be found.
I contacted the seller and was advised they would look into the issue. No tracking number was issued. Last week I received an email from some outfit asking what were the items ordered but never provided me the originator's name. Since I had never heard of this party I deleted the message assuming it was spam or similar.
Today a UPS driver showed up at my door with a delivery questionnaire asking me if I received an item. Again the origin of the shipment was not given so I could not help. I did notice a similar reference number from the previous deleted email but the driver left b4 I could copy the reference number. The notice shows package left at door Mar. 26.
Upon further thinking I can only assume that the vendor used a shipping company that uses a local shipping partner for delivery.
So I have asked the vendor if he has a tracking or other reference number since I now know which UK shipper was used.
All this confusion could have been resolved if the VENDOR's name was listed on the documents. I would think this to be the very basic information required. All my shipments from China/India are well documented.
Some businesses should smarten up. Rant over.
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