This can't be real?????

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This can't be real?????


Post by Northman49 »

Please tell me this is fake.....

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Re: This can't be real?????


Post by Gunhippie »

Who knows? Plenty of viddys of folks filling plastic shopping bags during the recent east coast panic that seem to be legit. I read a police report about someone trying to drive with a kiddy wading pool full in the back of the truck, so this doesn't seem far-fetched.

It does seem remarkably stupid.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Re: This can't be real?????


Post by brokenmantle »

looked pretty real and very scary.
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Re: This can't be real?????


Post by Tgarner01 »

Hey buddy.... You got a light?.. :cf_flamethrower:
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Re: This can't be real?????


Post by offrink »

I believe it has been found fake. What would he do with all that fuel once he got it where it was going. If that bed was full you are looking at at least 350 gallons which is equal to about 2,800lbs.
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Re: This can't be real?????


Post by Dmacp »

think that is a redneck swimming pool.
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Re: This can't be real?????


Post by zoomkat »

"Please tell me this is fake....."

It is probably fake to see how many people share and say "Please tell me this is fake.....".
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Re: This can't be real?????


Post by Dremwolf »

Looks fake since it only shows him actually putting a splash of fuel in. Also that liquid looks mighty clear to be gasoline.
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Re: This can't be real?????


Post by BSAGuy »

FFS - Fake fer sure!
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Re: This can't be real?????


Post by Loganeffecto »

Blurred out tag, fake.
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