Canadian 242 question....

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Canadian 242 question....


Post by rainjer »

Should a 7-34 242 be a NL or an A? Could it have part from both models?

Per the book they were both made in 34. I have a lantern I bought today that was disassembled in a box with other 242 parts. I pieces it together with the part that seemed to go together but I now discovered I have a mixed bag. The font seems more like an A (longer pump housing) but the collar (no writing) and vent (no slots, small rim) are more like the NL. I know I grabbed the wrong valve and frame. I knew the frame was in the box but it did not have a vent stud. I am not sure about the valve. I plan on going back to go back and look for the correct parts.
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Re: Canadian 242 question....


Post by Bumpkin_95 »

apparently Coleman USA would also use left over parts from previous models. I bet They did the same in Canada as well. Might be the case with yours. Especially during a model change year. Some of these other guys can tell you what to look for better than me for sure.
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Re: Canadian 242 question....


Post by Guff »

You probably have the corrct parts already.
A date of 7/34 would probably make your lantern an early 242A. These early ones had the same features as the Canadian 242 Junior. Same pump, NRV, early F/A tube with screen and screw in orifice on the bottom end, large multi splined valve wheel, and small rim vent with holes for the bail, and same unmarked base rest. So basically the same as the Junior.
One difference is the Junior had Coleman stamped on the large valve wheel, and the 242A did not.

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