Heat plate on a M1950 stove

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Heat plate on a M1950 stove


Post by Cajuncook1 »

I'm sure this has been done, but I thought I would ask the forum members' experience with the use of a hot plate on a M1950 stove.

I'm referring to using a 530 hot plate to suppress the direct heat of the M1950 for cooking.

Like Jim states, the M1950 is born to boil.

Has someone used a hot plate on a M1950 with cooking a meal with good outcomes?

I am also concerned that the hot plate might cause excessive refractory heat to the fount and control valve knob.

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Re: Heat plate on a M1950 stove


Post by macwacs »

I wouldn't do it. Your going to melt the control knob. I use a couple of cinder blocks/bricks that give me about four to five inches height or stand off distance above the burner. No more burnt food. You cant control the flame but you can control the direct heat. Try it you'll like it.
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Re: Heat plate on a M1950 stove


Post by Gunhippie »

You can control the heat to a degree. Start the stove with the minimum of pressure--maybe 5 strokes of the pump--then once it's pre-heated and burning well, you can adjust the heat by adding more pressure. Of course, you can only adjust the heat upwards this way.
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