Modern lanterns

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Modern lanterns


Post by Daryl22 »

Say a friend has CL2 288 4-85, 288A700 adjustable 11-89 and 285-700T DF 3-97 lanterns. All are in very good condition, small size duel mantle and seem to be equal CP. He only needs one and I am thinking they are common lanterns and keep the adjustable just because it is adjustable and give the others ones to his kids. What you say? Daryl sunny SoCal
Daryl sunny SoCal
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Re: Modern lanterns


Post by ecblanks »

CL2 288 and 288A are the same thing; only difference is the globe cage.
They will have a different generator than the 285 and the 285 generators should be easier to find on the market.
All are adjustable.
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Re: Modern lanterns


Post by zoomkat »

"What you say?"

Most recent Coleman lanterns are "adjustable".
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