Vulcano (German) Alcohol Stove? Any one Know about these?

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Vulcano (German) Alcohol Stove? Any one Know about these?


Post by outlawmws »

I picked this one up last Sat at a living Estate sale.

What I've found so far:
Vulcano (yep, that's the spelling...)
Made in Germany
Burns Alcohol
Gravity feed
Possible leak sources (so far) - Cap gasket. - O ring at a hinged joint, - Valve Packing.
Has a preheat tray so that's pretty obvious. (but fill with the valve, or separately?)

the only ones I found on Eprey the label, and in one case crumpled instructions, were in German
Under the lid this one, the cap instructions awe in English

I suspect the O ring needs replacing, that looks like a PITA, as its sort of incorporated into the hinge...
The cap gasket is hard as a rock, but a std Coleman cap gasket looks like it fits fine.
Valve packing was loose, but seemed to tighten easily.

Anyone have any rebuild instructions/advice? Links? (I'm not getting much traction off Google...)
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