OT - Wiggys Sleeping Bags?

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OT - Wiggys Sleeping Bags?


Post by Coldwaterpaddler »

Say, has anybody heard of, or own, a Wiggys sleeping bag?

I have been wanting a hooded rectangular sleeping bag for particular car camping and off-roading/4x4 trips, but had not been able to find the one I wanted. In a pinch I bought a rectangular sleeping bag from Bass Pro a couple of years ago, and while it was okay, I wasn't entirely happy with it because it is so open at the top. My ultra light +30F Western Mountaineering down bag has been great for backpacking and my -15F North Face Solar Flare down bag has been great for hunting for the last 25 years, but is way too warm for anything but the coldest conditions. Both of those are mummy bags which can be restrictive and I figure if I'm car camping I can afford more room and weight. T rectangular bag is great for car camping because it gives you more room and a hooded rectangular bag is bestter because it keeps the heat in when the temp gets cold and there's no heater other than me. Since Wiggys is synthetic, they are less pricey than equivalent rated down bags.

Check out this place which I never heard of until this fall and they are made in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Anybody have experience with this brand?

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Wiggys Sleeping Bags?


Post by Stovie »

They are conservatively rated temperature wise, and synthetic insulation means laundering is easy, just pop them in the washer. I think they are a good value. They are more bulky on average than some but when car camping it doesn't really matter too much. Loft is loft, that's what provides warmth.
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Re: OT - Wiggys Sleeping Bags?


Post by Nahallac »

I have used Wiggy's products for 20+ years.
Their sleeping bags are the best, he is the largest bag manufacturer in the US.
Nothing fancy as far as colors or styles, but the insulation is the key, he claims to have developed it in the 60's.
Maintenance is very easy, just wash and dry, can be compressed for an extended time and does not lose it loft.
The ability of the insulation to move moisture away from your body is what makes his products work so well.
If you are dry you will be warm.
You get a very good value for the money, my one bag is over 20 yrs old with regular yearly use.
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Re: OT - Wiggys Sleeping Bags?


Post by Troglodyte »

I have had a Wiggy's for around 20 years also. Don't even remember what model, I think it is a 30 degree bag. It is a great bag and, as said, the temperature ratings are conservative. That is good for me because I am cold natured and really got frustrated with other bags sleeping cold vs. their rating. Wiggy's quality is top-notch.
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Sleeping Bags?


Post by Stovie »

The problem is there aren't really established or universally accepted criteria as to objective sleeping bag temperature ratings, or at best they are just a rough guideline.

Some people just naturally seem to sleep colder than others too, and there are differences due to age, weight, and sex, and then adding to that there are fatigue factors, altitude, wind and humidity, hydration levels, calorie intake, and also are we talking inside a tent? Some manufacturers are just plain a little too optomistic.

For my money, a "0° F. rated sleeping bag" means I could (with a good ground pad or adequate insulation underneath) sleep under the stars and saw logs all night and wake up comfortable. Well, except for my bladder probably.

Some manufacturers get a little fast and loose with their ratimgs, and a 0° F. rating just means "Probably won't die", never mind that part about getting any sleep. Everybody wants a sleeping bag good to -34° below zero that weighs a 1/2 pound and packs up the size of small thermos. Of course that doesn't exist. The nice thing about car camping is it's not too much trouble to throw in an extra sleeping bag or a comforter or blankets.
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Re: OT - Wiggys Sleeping Bags?


Post by bigfrank97 »

I have owned several. They are my go to bag.
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