MNR examples

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MNR examples


Post by major_man »

Mnr stands for ministry natural resources here in Canada. My picker friend came across these from a former employee, they were allowed to take them as they moved to flashlights and they were afraid someone would set a forest fire one year.

All 3 cases have these cool decals and I’m assuming a serial number for book keeping. All 3 had 321’s but only 2 had mnr stencils on them. I had one already which was a 335 so it will take one of these cases.

Each has a different stencil, the one on the right and left were spray painted where the middle one is a sticker.

I thought it was a cool piece of cdn history.
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Re: MNR examples


Post by Sierra_Roadrunner »

Looks to me like you struck gold William. Those are definitely cool and appear to be in very good condition. I take it MNR is the same type of outfit as the USFS is here in the USA. Are those MNR's as hard to come by as USFS here in the states? Nice that you have the cases to go with them too!
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Re: MNR examples


Post by fish »

Nice canadian ussf
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Re: MNR examples


Post by mgmlvks »

Oh my, so very NICE!
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Re: MNR examples


Post by Rubing »

Very cool score!
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Re: MNR examples


Post by Gasman64 »

Nice, William, great acquisitions! Thanks for all the pictures you shared, as well as the details of MNR.
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Re: MNR examples


Post by Kgam1020 »

Very nice William! Congrats!
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