Perfection Heater update

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Perfection Heater update


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I asked questions about my Perfection heater about a month ago and got some good info. When I took the tank out the wick was stuck solid, like glued, to the wall of the galley. I ended up folding it inwards in one area by carefully prying and controlling it with a screwdriver I got it out. The nickle plating or whatever it is on the wick came off in sheets, some of it was in the bottom of the tank. The guides for the wick were in the bottom of the tank and they don't fit that tank, they are too short. A very curios story. I can use it without the guides, I just have to make sure I have plenty of kero in the tank I think. I had a NOS wick, the one I removed had beennew from Miles Stair when I got the heater and cleaned it to use originally but I never took a flashlight and looked inside the tank, it is almost like new. THat wick doesn't fit. I cleaned up the galley by soaking it in lye overnight, ordered a new wick this morning, rinsed out the tank, I think all I have to do when I get the wick is pop it in, burn off the top to level, put in kero and she will be good to go.
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