Wickie Wednesday. Feeling a little blue.

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Wickie Wednesday. Feeling a little blue.


Post by Quick_Cal »

Nothing special, just free,,,lol.

I was at a older Gentleman's place today admiring his antique gun collection. I told him I collected Coleman and other kerosene lanterns. He brought these out and said I could have them. The Little Wizard has been painted, but solid. Has a nice red Dietz glass. The other is an newer No.8 Air Pilot. It's in nice shape, just needs a globe.

Nice old guy for sure.

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Re: Wickie Wednesday. Feeling a little blue.


Post by Hot_Diggity »

You can't argue with that price! Nice that they're still serviceable. That red globe is sharp.
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Re: Wickie Wednesday. Feeling a little blue.


Post by Kgam1020 »

Two nice ones Cal!
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