Supper by suitcase stove

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Supper by suitcase stove


Post by stoves1234 »

It was 79° and sunny in Western Michigan, with colder temps tomorrow. IMHO the last day of summer. My wife and I went to a nice picnic spot next to a crick (creek for you non-rednecks) and cooked dinner on a 413G. Nothing fancy, just hotdogs and baked beans. I always enjoy being outside and putting my lanterns and stoves to use.
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Re: Supper by suitcase stove


Post by camperfanatic01 »

Very nice! Sounds like a perfect evening…

Interesting tidbit of info just for fun, the term redneck originated during the battle of Blair Mountain in WV about 45 mins from where I live. It’s when about 10-20,000 coal miners stood up for their rights, they wore red bandanas for show of solidarity. Hence the name “red-neck”.
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Re: Supper by suitcase stove


Post by frantheman »

I am jealous....I really hope to find a reasonably priced 413 in the wild/locally. Looks like a great time! Is this how stovies are born? Realized I have 3 426 stoves and still want the 413....I hear it's a slippery slope....
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Re: Supper by suitcase stove


Post by Gunhippie »

Nice! It is, after all, either the last day of summer or the first of fall.

It's still a crick way out here in NE Oregon. A friend--certified local (as in, at least two grandparents born in county and road named after the family) likes to ask if Sheep Creek shouldn't just be called Ship Crick?
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Re: Supper by suitcase stove


Post by 1hpycmpr »

Nice setup, Jim! Great excuse to haul out some GPAs.
I grew up calling it a crick as well but living out west the last 45 years, I seem to have changed to calling it a creek. Don’t really know why? 🤔
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Re: Supper by suitcase stove


Post by Coldwaterpaddler »

Perfect. Glad to see this.

Next thing you know, you'll realize it's a good reason to get out in the cooler fall temps, too. 😀
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Re: Supper by suitcase stove


Post by Kgam1020 »

That’s great Jim, Nice set up! Sometimes the easy dinners are the best.
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Re: Supper by suitcase stove


Post by TwoCanoes »

It's hard to beat hot dogs and beans.
Stewart in
Eastern Washington State
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