Load shedding

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Load shedding


Post by Andrew »

We have moved from stage 6 to stage 5.
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Re: Load shedding


Post by Gasman64 »

Well, at least you've got illumination and a means to cook, Andrew.

For those unfamiliar with Andrew's situation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Afr ... rgy_crisis
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Re: Load shedding


Post by Pancholoco1911 »

Gasman64 I’ve heard of something similar the other day in the radio for Europe due to the war affecting them. They are gonna be experiencing planed blackouts in the morning and afternoon for some European countries. I hope everything goes well with them.

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Re: Load shedding


Post by Up to Light »

Good that you are prepared...
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Re: Load shedding


Post by Rustytank »

Coming soon to America
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Re: Load shedding


Post by mksmth »

The only time I experienced true planned blackout was during that really cold event here in Oklahoma and Texas.
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Re: Load shedding


Post by Old Cat »

Andrew, I can only imagine the hardship and anxiety that you’re going through. If we don’t address our own inefficiencies, load shedding may be coming to us.

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Re: Load shedding


Post by MartyJ »

California experiences frequent blackouts every time there is strong winds. Many people have installed home generators. It appears to be the result of antiquated equipment that causes wildfires.
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Re: Load shedding


Post by Andrew »

Thank you for the sympathy. We have learned to work around it by planning our days . I exclusively cook on paraffin/ kerosene and obviously have plenty of options for lighting. We have a solar geyser which I got 20 odd years ago as recovered material from a building contract I was busy with. It's about 40 years old but still serves me well.
We also use rainwater exclusively for household and garden use so the past month of no municipal water because of a broken reservoir pump has not affected us.
Not everyone is as blessed as us so for some life is hard here.
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