Coleman lanterns in the movies

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Re: Coleman lanterns in the movies


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Are real world images welcome here?
I stumbled across this Image from WW2, Italy. Looks like the Sherman tank is stuck the muck.
Luckily, the crew had their trusty M1941 stove to warm up some grub while they wait for a tow.

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Re: Coleman lanterns in the movies


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Love these war pictures

Thanks for posting this Jason
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Re: Coleman lanterns in the movies


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Watched a recent video about a museum here in Ohio that showed Coleman projectors for slides and films.. Anyone ever seen one in the wild? I'll try and add a link. ... zPHI-juH9o
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Re: Coleman lanterns in the movies


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The Sandlot

Seen the movie a million times, but just noticed tonight - an out of period Powerhouse hanging in the tree fort. You get a brief shot of it after Squints finishes the ‘Forever’ Beast origin story
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Re: Coleman lanterns in the movies


Post by outlawmws »

Is the kid on the bunk wearing a face mask? I was thinking a "post Covid" movie!

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