Coleman Product Diagrams

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Coleman Product Diagrams


Post by Murff »

I was talking to Bob Hitchcock, owner of, and he has put his parts diagrams on his website.

If you click on "lanterns", you will see a list of almost every lantern Coleman made. Click on a specific model and a parts diagram will appear. Click on the diagram and it will enlarge.

I encourage everyone to buy parts from Frank of the Old Town Coleman Center first. If Frank doesn't have the part you need, then contact Bob.

Frank does have a link to Bob's website, by the way.


EDIT: As you can tell, this post has a few days on it since neither Frank Bebb nor Bob Hitchcock sell parts anymore. The link still works and this Forum encourages parts still be bought from, Mike Merz, proprieter!

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Coleman Product Diagrams


Post by Scouterjan »

Thanks Sir

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Coleman Product Diagrams


Post by JLM »

Thanks for putting this link to Bob's site. The diagrams are a big help.